Minister of Environment visits Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Co.

"H.E. Dr. Yasmin Fouad, Minister of Environment, visited Abu Qir fertilizers and chemical industries Company on Thursday. /?? /????.She met with Mr. Chemist Saad Abu al-Maaty, chairman and managing director and the company's officials, and His Excellency presented a detailed explanation of the company's future mission and vision in the field of environmental conservation and sustainability and its features
and its objectives and how to apply them.It has also reviewed the overall replacement, renovation and upgrading of factories, the new expansions and projects, and the popularization of electronic systems in all the company's internal and external dealings. "

Mr. Al-Chemi Abu al-Maati confirmed that the strategy of Abu Qir fertilizers and chemical industries includes eleven main axes, the most important of which is scientific research, training, rehabilitation, community service and environmental conservation.H.E. Dr. Yasmin Fouad praised the presentation of the company, which includes the environmental projects implemented and future projects being createdHer Excellency has conducted an inspection tour accompanied by Mr. Deputy Salah Issa, member of the Committee on Energy and Environment of the House of Representatives and MP Sameh Sayeh, member of the Chamber of Deputies for the second phase of the industrial wastewater treatment project for all factories of Abqir fertilizer company, scheduled to run in mid-March next year. "

The project aims at the integrated treatment of industrial wastewater collected from the three factories of Abu Qir , which has a design capacity of about 650 m3/hour to rationalize water through the reuse of 80% of treated water in cooling towers, which contributes to the conservation of natural and environmental resources, adding To provide eco-friendly fertilizer at affordable prices for farmers.