Corporate Social Responsibility

Company’s evaluation is no longer based only on their profitability or financial position, but nowadays new targets appeared on the scene.

The most important is the social responsibility towards employees and the surrounding area and the community as a whole, also internal and external environmental responsibility.

These goals have become the real criteria for evaluating companies.

Abu Qir Fertilizers concerns has been given to the combined goals together, The following is a presentation of the work of Abu Qir Fertilizer Company in the areas of:

Social and Environmental Responsibility

First: AFC's Social Responsibility towards its Employees

  • Health care for workers and their families.
  • Recreational activities such as trips for employees (winter - summer) ,plays & concerts , circuses and opera concerts.
  • Farewell parties (Loyalty Day).
  • Celebration parties for workers talented sons.
  • Supplementary pension insurance funds for retired employees.
  • Health care for retired employees.
  • Sports activities for employees and their children through the sport and social club for workers.
  • Cultural and religious competitions.
  • Celebration parties for perfect mother from ideal female workers and also employee of the year.
  • Integrated residential city for workers.
  • Loans for workers without interest to buy a car or apartments.

Second: AFC's Social Responsibility towards the Surrounding Area

Towards citizen of surrounding area:

  • Health care through medical convoys, surgical operations and the provision of regular treatment.
  • Contributions in cases of marriage and death.
  • Financial assistance and in-kind donations and contribution to small projects.
  • Granting monthly subsidies to charities neighboring areas

Towards the surrounding areas:

  • Connection of water, electricity and street lighting.
  • Urban Harmony for the surrounding area.
  • Attention to sewage system.
  • Schools Complex serving the entire area.
  • Bank, postal and telegraphic office serving the surrounding area.

Third: AFC's Social Responsibility towards the Surrounding Area

The Company made the following basic infrastructure projects:

  • El Maamoura – Rashid Road
  • El Khat El Wastany.
  • Ali Maher – Khorshid Road.
  • El Maadia Road.
  • El Mallaha – Seiouf Road.
  • El Maamoura – El Islah Road.

Fourth: AFC's Environmental Responsibility


  • Installation of environmental monitoring stations and spread it around all parts of the plants to measure the pollution rate of in the air .
  • Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Project.
  • Project for the elimination of nitrogen oxides and interrupt its access to the atmosphere.
  • Convert carbon dioxide to liquid in tanks and sell it to companies that fill it in cylinders and export it.
  • Desalination unit project.
  • Urban Harmony within the company.


  • Contracting with the governorate to clean company surrounding area.
  • Urban Harmony.
  • Cooperation protocol with the Faculty of Science in various topics that serve the environment.
  • Cooperation protocol with the Governorate of Elbeheira for garbage recycling project and Women breadwinners small projects.