About AbuQir

Abu Qir is one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers in Egypt.

Abu Qir production facility was originally commissioned in the 1970s and revamped throughout the 1990s.

Abu Qir products are destined for both domestic & global market.

Contact Email : marketing@abuqir.com

Domestic Market

The egyptian economy has traditionally relied heavily on Agricultural sector for food, fiber & other products.

Abu Qir production is primarily oriented to the domestic market.

Near to 4 decades, Abu Qir dominates the agriculture sector in Egypt, in which it represents about 60% of the total domestic market needs.

Global Market

Abu Qir has a Strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, where the main focused markets are Europe, Americas & West Africa.

Abu Qir exports UAN via Damietta port which contains facilities & storage yards which can receives vessels up to 30000 tons.

Abu Qir exports liquid Ammonia via it's marine line located in Abu Qir Gulf 8km far from the site and could receive vessel up to 11000 tons.

Organizations membership

Abu Qir is an ordinary member of the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA) & Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA).